Company Profile

ULUCINAR Building Materials, Machinery, Forestry Products, Construction Industry, and Trading Limited Company is a construction and engineering company, and was established in Istanbul in 2005.
The Central Office is in Ortaklar Caddesi, in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul.

Area of Business

ULUCINAR Company has imported 110000 cubic meters of round wood logs and 25000 cubic meters of sawn wood from Russian Federation until 2009. A portion of the imported round wood was re-processed and exported to third countries, and the remaining amount was sold in domestic market in Turkey. The Company operated in a 12,000 square meter warehouse in Gebze, Kocaeli. The goods came by river type ships from Russia. ULUCINAR is an expert firm in block-board, plywood, and lumber.

The company has chosen the construction industry as a target market. Therefore, prefabricated light steel and manufacturing prefabricated modular container buildings, steel-iron goods, enameled copper wires, and forestry products are the areas where the company is specialized. The company worked as an exporter at very large quantities of enameled copper wires to Iraq form many years, for instance.

Engineering Services

ULUCINAR has experience in prefabricated light steel and container modular buildings technology. We have a place in design-built projects. This success was led by many factors as investments in technology, manufacturing in ISO Standards, innovation, and a professional staff. The believe that we caught a place for ourselves with good trust as we offer modern wood marking tools and wood marking tags